December 16, 2011

The Story

1996-2010: 15 Years of Chemystry Set

Take a cup of tuber juice and raise it to the sky
Jumped on board a bit too late, I’m nothin’ but fertilize
Though history is my polyglot I’m livin’ in present tents
Thank God for the joy, ‘cuz it don’t bring no cents

Here’s to friends old and new, and yet unknown. Thank you for great inspiration and good times. Change is the only constant in life, something this Chemystry Set experiment has always been based around. Come join us for a trip down memory lane to read the story seldom told.

The Set in Salzburg, Austria, 2003

1996: Planting a Tuber
1997: Composting
1998: Tilling
1999: Sowing
2000: Watering
2001: Sprouting
2002: Supporting Roots
2003: Growing Leaves
2004: Branching Out
2005: Decomposing
2006: Crop Circling
2008: Dancing on the Brink
2009: The Last Waltz
2010: Leading the Set into the Fog

The story is far from over. We’ll be rummaging through the archives from time to time and unearth some of the gems that barely got to see the light of day over the years. We’ll dig up old and rare morsels, to bring back memories or to be enjoyed for the first time, and post them on our facebook page or the blog.

So what better way to kick off the Chemystry Set retirement than with a rockin’ version of Leading the Saint into the Fog, live from our epic European adventure, at Cafe Lux in Esslingen/Germany, on July 19, 2003.